Thursday, May 20, 2010

Testamonials Quantum Breakthrough 4

Class was very interesting on a number of points. While I am very rooted in my ways, I learned that being more spontaneous and vulnerable with my thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions can be like a breath of fresh air. I have always been a very driven person when it comes to school, work and my goals. But, I always put my personal feelings on the back burner - as I thought meeting my goals would make me truly happy. Since class, I have made an effort to make time for things in life that I want to do, not things I thought I had to do. Taking time off of work, traveling, being with friends and most importantly being with my girlfriend.

When class ended, I told myself that I am going to open up - not be afraid to let people know who I really am - to have a positive attitude - I get to go to work on Monday morning, not I have to go to work on Monday morning... I learned that the energy I was putting out had a tremendous impact on my relationships and work environment. Simply starting the day off on a positive note dramatically influences my attitude for that particular day.

My personal relationships have been effected the most, and in a very positive way. In my past relationships, I was always a little reserved - afraid to truly let go - afraid to get hurt. After class, I put an end to that. I know I have broken some hearts in the past, and I know that I have had my heart broken as well. Enough was enough. I was never going to truly be happy unless I was happy with myself. So, I did some soul searching and realized I really don't have it too bad... I have realized professional success that makes me great money, I am a descent looking man, and I have a huge heart that any girl would love to have. I didn't treat myself like I was worthy, like I didn't deserve to be happy. I always had to look for the bigger, better deal. That is not fair, not to myself and not to others. The energy I was putting off attracted that same type of person - not stable... I don't blame any of them for what I went through, it wasn't their fault. It was mine and I took ownership of that and am happy I experienced those things. As if I didn't go through those events, I wouldn't be where I am today. And I'm not in too bad of a place right now.

Needless to say, with a few tweaks of my attitude and a new perspective on life, guess what happened? I met someone and am wildly in love with her! Our relationship happened so quickly, I wasn't even looking for anyone and then, boom! She comes into my life. I have found an equal, someone who works hard, but enjoys herself very much. Someone who breaks me out of my shell - spontaneous. The balance my life desperately needed. She told me she loved me before I told her! We have only been together for a few months, but it feels like I have known her for so much longer. I mean I took this past Friday afternoon off of work for no reason other than that she didn't have to work, so we could be together! One of the best days of our entire relationship. We got a couples massage, had a great lunch, went to a movie and then had a bbq at her sisters house. Nothing spectacular, but something I would have never done in the past because I missed some work. I did something that I wanted to do - and it felt amazing!

Well, this is about as detailed as I can get through an e-mail. I hope my opinions help others.

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