Thursday, May 20, 2010

Testamonials Quantum Breakthrough 4

My experience of the workshop was a complete transformation in my life. I have been doing this now for 2 years and i really enjoy serving others in the process of serving myself. I learned that alot of things where holding me back in my life and to breakthrough those barriers and "let go" of all the shit my life is truly amazing. Yes I still have some struggles, if you are aware of those you can handle them right away instead of dragging it on throughout your life. Who wants to carry around all that baggage with you for your life. I know I dont. I also learned that its ok to be angry be in the moment and let the anger come out and again handle it then and not stay angry all day, it serves no purpose!! My life now I can say is truly amazing and I feel that everyone gets to experience that!! I am looking forward to continuing this for the rest of my life!! Cant wait for more Quantum Breakthroughs!!

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